1. 安装helm

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/helm/helm/main/scripts/get-helm-3 | bash

2. 基本概念


  • Chart:代表helm软件包

  • Repository:软件包的存放仓库

  • Release:运行在k8s上的一个发布实例。

3. helm命令

  helm [command]

Available Commands:
  completion  generate autocompletion scripts for the specified shell
  create      create a new chart with the given name
  dependency  manage a chart's dependencies
  env         helm client environment information
  get         download extended information of a named release
  help        Help about any command
  history     fetch release history
  install     install a chart
  lint        examine a chart for possible issues
  list        list releases
  package     package a chart directory into a chart archive
  plugin      install, list, or uninstall Helm plugins
  pull        download a chart from a repository and (optionally) unpack it in local directory
  push        push a chart to remote
  registry    login to or logout from a registry
  repo        add, list, remove, update, and index chart repositories
  rollback    roll back a release to a previous revision
  search      search for a keyword in charts
  show        show information of a chart
  status      display the status of the named release
  template    locally render templates
  test        run tests for a release
  uninstall   uninstall a release
  upgrade     upgrade a release
  verify      verify that a chart at the given path has been signed and is valid
  version     print the client version information

4. 常用命令

  • helm search hub:从 Artifact Hub 中查找并列出 helm charts。支持模糊匹配。
helm search hub wordpress
  • helm search repo:基于指定仓库进行搜索。
helm repo add brigade https://brigadecore.github.io/charts
helm search repo brigade

# 列出所有版本
helm search repo apisix -l

4.2. helm install/uninstall

helm install <release_name> <chart_name>
# 示例
helm install happy-panda bitnami/wordpress -

# uninstall
helm uninstall RELEASE_NAME


helm install -f values.yaml bitnami/wordpress --generate-name

# 本地 chart 压缩包
helm install foo foo-0.1.1.tgz
# 解压后的 chart 目录
helm install foo path/to/foo
# 完整的 URL
helm install foo https://example.com/charts/foo-1.2.3.tgz

4.3. helm upgrade

helm upgrade happy-panda bitnami/wordpress

4.4. helm rollback

helm rollback <RELEASE> [REVISION] [flags]

4.5. helm repo

helm repo add dev https://example.com/dev-charts
helm repo list
helm repo remove

4.6. helm pull


helm pull [chart URL | repo/chartname]

helm pull [chart URL | repo/chartname] --version 

5. 创建chart

5.1. 初始化chart

 helm create mychart


|-- charts  # 目录用于存放所依赖的子chart
|-- Chart.yaml  # 描述这个 Chart 的相关信息、包括名字、描述信息、版本等
|-- templates
|   |-- deployment.yaml
|   |-- _helpers.tpl  # 模板助手文件,定义的值可在模板中使用
|   |-- hpa.yaml
|   |-- ingress.yaml
|   |-- NOTES.txt  # Chart 部署到集群后的一些信息,例如:如何使用、列出缺省值
|   |-- serviceaccount.yaml
|   |-- service.yaml
|   `-- tests
|       `-- test-connection.yaml
`-- values.yaml   # 模板的值文件,这些值会在安装时应用到 GO 模板生成部署文件


 rm -rf mysubchart/templates/*

5.2. 调试模板

  • helm lint 是验证chart是否遵循最佳实践的首选工具。
  • helm template --debug 在本地测试渲染chart模板。
  • helm install --dry-run --debug:我们已经看到过这个技巧了,这是让服务器渲染模板的好方法,然后返回生成的清单文件。
  • helm get manifest: 这是查看安装在服务器上的模板的好方法。


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